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Wildland Fire Hydraulics Engine Pressure Calculator: Slide-Rule & Phone App

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'The Technology to Take the HEAT!'™

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Fire Hose Roller and Pre-connect Hose Deployment Method

World's most versatile fire hose roller (Rolls up to 5" LDH) also transitions into a Rope Rescue Winch in seconds!

Plus see the pre-connect fire attack hose deployment method instructed at Texas A & M University as the industry standard since 2006... publication date of this original video.  

Fight the Fire... NOT the Hose!  Perform the work of four in a quarter of the time... with a quarter of the effort!

Rope Rescue Winch

First ever Rope Rescue Winch with an 8:1 Mechanical Advantage leverage system to quickly and safely lower and raise both rescuers and victims to safety in a matter of minutes of arriving on scene.

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The Technology to Take the HEAT!™

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Fight the Fire... NOT THE HOSE!

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