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A World's FIRST! ...and incredible artwork!

Rich Hoffmann "Painter of Life"

The result of years to master the process of rendering any great shot... into an absolute masterpiece!

Rich Hoffmann, "Painter of Life", was the Featured Artist at the Ankeny, Iowa Art Center in June 2011.

Please enjoy!

Aluminum Overcast - May 2007

Over 94,000 hits and counting as the marquee video for Aluminum Overcast videographed in Napa, California on it's tour on the West Coast in May 2007

Air Attack 340 in San Luis Obispo, CA in July 1992

An excellent video that narrates itself as one of my best training aids when teaching the Basics in Wildland Firefighting operations.  

I was able to capture all the air to air, air to ground, ground to ground, but especially the on-board intercom communication as an added featured "benefit."  

Do enjoy the candid expletives!  LOL!